What is SEO Marketing?

For those who want to start their own online business, the art of successfully marketing their website is paramount to their success. All too often, the failure to generate enough customer traffic dooms an online business. However, there is a highly successful marketing strategy that thousands of online businesses have used to build customer traffic and bring in the profits. This strategy is known as SEO marketing.

To understand this type of marketing starts with SEO basics so you have a solid idea of how to use this technique to promote your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which essentially means writing content that uses words and phrases that place your website prominently on search result pages.

SEO techniques are passive in nature, designed to pull customers to your website unlike direct advertising which reaches out to get customers’ attention. Essentially, the content you write on your website which includes articles, descriptions and even photo captions uses words that people may type into popular search engines such as Google.

For example, if your website sells t-shirts, then the phrase “t-shirt” would be a word that a person might use to type into a search engine, which is known as a query, when searching for t-shirts to purchase. The search engine then conducts a scan of all content across the web for results that best match that query. The results are a list of weblinks to websites with content that contains the best matches. The more your content matches the query, the higher and more prominent your weblink will be.

Furthermore, the more content you have that uses the words and phrases, called keywords and key phrases, that match what people type into search engines, the higher your website ranking will be on search results pages and therefore you will get more people to visit your website.

Effective SEO techniques start with using keywords and key phrases, but it is important to remember that these words are not the only factors in placing your website high on search results pages. Here are just a few SEO tips to help you boost your website’s ranking so more customers will visit your online business and purchase your products.

Post Regularly

Popular search engines such as Google will rank fresher content more highly than older content, which means that the more you post original, good quality articles, descriptions and captions, the more likely your weblink will be posted more highly on the results pages. So post new, original content on a consistent, frequent basis.


Backlinks are linking your new articles, descriptions and the like to other, similar highly placed articles on the web. Basically, by linking your new article to another that is well regarded it will boost the search result ranking that it has. Be sure that your backlinks are solid and only use them for high quality websites.

Social Media

Google is placing more importance on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. So the more you utilize your social media websites in your content, the better your SEO strategy will work. You can also backlink to social media sites as well as post new information.

SEO Techniques

SEO-1You may have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but may not fully understand just how to use this internet marketing tool to its best effect. There are no short cuts or quick methods to make you rich overnight, but effective use of standard SEO techniques will help grow your online traffic and create a broader, stronger customer base to boost your bottom line.

The SEO basics start with understanding the power of original, informative content that is specific for your audience. You do not have to be a great writer to attract a large customer base, but you do need to be concise, informative and specific so that those who read your content are more likely to come back to your website and purchase your goods or services.

Here are a few basic SEO tips to help you get more people to visit your online website and expand your customer base. These SEO tips are simple, straightforward and when utilized regularly can help strengthen your customer traffic.

Use Original, Informative Content

With the emphasis on removing spam or low quality sites from their search engine results, Google is focusing on high quality, informative content to help insure that search results pages offer beneficial information for their users.
This means that you need to emphasize writing original, informative content of good quality. This is known as the “white hat” strategy of pulling in new customers and creating greater traffic for your website. While it takes more effort, employing a strategy of having content that benefits your customers will pay off in the long run.

Post Frequently and Regularly

Perhaps the biggest mistake that most online business commit is that they do not post regular, informative content for their website. You need to post regularly and on the same days for more than just the benefit of the customers who regularly visit your website.

For SEO purposes, Google ranks newer content more highly than older content which means that the more you post original, informative content the greater the chances it ranks highly on search results pages.
However, building your audience base also means keeping the customers you have who expect content to appear at regular times. Otherwise, many of them will abandon you and find other websites that cater to their interests on a regular basis. So draw up a schedule and stick to it so you can keep your customers happy.

Video is King

There is little doubt that video marketing has skyrocketed over the past five years and today there is much greater emphasis on using this form to market your website. SEO techniques can be used in the title and description which in turn is benefitting from the emphasis Google and other search engines have placed on video.
Essentially, if you can come up with good, sharp video with effective SEO writing, then you will have an edge on the competition that does not use video.

Essential SEO techniques that are used regularly and offer good, solid quality for your customers will broaden your web traffic and build your online business into a real money maker.